Ever wanted to take a week out of your mundane life and head off to wizard school? This is your time! Magischola Prep is a week-long summer camp for kids and teens launching in 2017, bringing magic, adventure, friendship, and a whole new world to experience.

Magischola Prep is a live-action roleplaying summer camp, where middle and high schoolers from across the continent will come together and play out a week in the life of a group of young mages. It’s like living out a movie where you’re the main character, and your storyline is up to you! You’ll get an acceptance letter and report to campus for sorting and orientation. Once there, you’ll get a character to play–a student from one of the five North American wizard schools we’ve designed, who you’ll play for the rest of the week. Along with 150 other campers, you’ll help turn the beautiful campus of Swarthmore College into a school of magic for a week.