Our Team

Core team

Maury Elizabeth Brown
President and CEO

216-309-2995 · mebrown@learnlarp.com

After working as a marketing and communications executive for a Fortune 500 company, Maury Brown moved to the education sector, where she has more than 20 years experience designing curriculum, delivering and assessing instruction, and conducting research on engagement and learning with students in elementary school through graduate school. A diverse writer of fiction, poetry, and non-fiction with degrees in literature and creative writing from the University of Virginia, she is finishing her PhD in Rhetoric & Cultural Studies, researching larps as participatory design and interactive storytelling. She has been involved in role-playing games since the early 1990s.

Claire Wilshire

NPC Director · npcdirector@learnlarp.com

Claire is our NPC Director and a back end coordinator for Learn Larp. She has been a roleplaying organizer and enthusiast for over a decade and a half. As both a successful business owner of her own larp company and an award-winning thespian, she brings a bright passion and enthusiasm for crafting unique experiences for players.

Thomas Mertz

Web Developer · thomas@campground.dk

Thomas Mertz is a veteran larper with more than 20 years experience under his belt, and a player of the original College of Wizardry larp. When he’s not being a badass wizard he builds websites big and small. Thomas is LearnLarp’s resident web-wizard, and manages the servers that run all of LearnLarp’s websites, as well as building nearly every online property LearnLarp has.


Kat Jones


Jones is a queer, Latina game designer, organizer, and scholar. She has extensive experience with research and teaching in the fields of Sociology as well as Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Jones has written and co-authored a wide range of live-action scenarios including Glitzy Nails in #Feminism, Revived: A Support Group for the Partially Deceased, and her recent entry to the Queer Gaymes anthology, Glitter Pits, which was awarded Best Intersectional Game Involving Experiences of Queer People of Color. Jones has helped organize several live-action events at community art spaces and has run her games at conferences and conventions including GenCon, The Queerness and Games Conference, and Origins. She is currently helping to organize the US run of Just a Little Lovin’.

Sarah Lynne Bowman (Ph.D.)


Sarah is a role-playing games scholar, designer, and organizer. McFarland Press published her dissertation in 2010 as The Functions of Role-playing Games: How Participants Create Community, Solve Problems, and Explore Identity. Bowman served as an editor for The Wyrd Con Companion Book from 2012-2015 and is a Coordinating Editor for the International Journal of Role-playing. She was the lead organizer for the Living Games Conference 2016 and helped coordinate the Role-playing and Simulation in Education Conference at Texas State University. An advocate for emotional safety in larps, she helped design the workshops and debriefing for New World Magischola, End of the Line, and Convention of Thorns. Her writing credits include Curtain Call from the #Feminism anthology, Symbiosis from Golden Cobra 2016 with Dani Higgins, and portions of World of Darkness Berlin’s Enlightenment in Blood.

Tara M. Clapper


Tara is a veteran larper, publisher, and digital marketer. She enjoys creating meaningful, valuable experiences through storytelling and collaboration. Tara speaks professionally on this topic on behalf of Express Writers, where she contributes as a content development specialist. She is the founder and senior editor of The Geek Initiative, an online, inclusive community celebrating women in geek culture. Tara has been published on multiple Yahoo! verticals, Hello Giggles, the SEMrush Blog, Nordiclarp.org, Larping.org, and more. She is author of multiple salon larps and co-writer of The Poe Project, a one-man play performed by The Mill Race Theatrical Company. She has co-hosted live event panels, Twitter chats, and digital events, focusing on small business success, personal branding, and woman-centric content. When she is not larping, blogging, or podcasting, she increases her mightiness stat by reading Thor comics.

Orli Nativ


Orli is a freelance costume designer and mixed-media artist based in New York City. She is passionate about the exploration of stories, interdisciplinary approaches to art-making, and found-object sculpture. Her pursuit of costume as wearable story has given her an actor- and character-supportive design perspective, leading her to many wide-ranging projects, including puppet-creation, intuitive and designed mask-making, and even the creation of costumes in live flowers. Her costume designs have been seen Off Broadway and on numerous stages with a wide variety of companies, and include the world premiere of Deliverance with Godlight Theatre Company. Her millinery and artisan crafts work have been seen in the New York Times Style Section and additional publications, as well as on Broadway. Orli is a fervent believer in the transformative potential of costume and is thrilled to be helping to create the world of Immerton’s amazing women, in all their many ways of being.

Quinn D


Quinn has over a decade of experience writing, running, and participating in larp events in a variety of formats and styles. In addition to her work organizing numerous one-off larps and events, she has been a staff member of the Intercon larp conventions since 2011. As a part of Intercon, she has been the GM coordinator, has helped with scheduling, and has been a member of the safety team. Quinn currently serves on the New England Interactive Literature board of directors. Quinn designed and built numerous electromechanical props and puzzles as a member of the production team for three of the Whately games. Her current larp focus is on interpersonal relationships and highly emotional situations. Outside of larp, Quinn enjoys making things, spending time with friends, and volunteering time for her community health clinic.

Caille Elizabeth Jensen

Caille began life as a strange, fey child who always made up her own bedtime stories and sometimes even managed to scare her parents with them. At some point during her childhood, she decided she would grow up to be a professional teller of tall tales. She has worked as a makeup artist, prop maker, set designer, stage actress and voiceover professional during her pursuit of all things magical. Now, she spends her time crafting worlds, and things to populate them with. She is currently working on her novel Bastion as well as creating games in the Pacific Northwest and across the United States. Partnering with various teams, she is currently working on bringing the Witcher School larp to North America as well as two independent games and an adaptable larp system. She is proud to partner with Learn Larp to be a part of the magick that is Immerton.

Jess Comstock


Jess is a digital artist from Washington, D.C. who combines traditional techniques of illustration, cartooning, and character design to create unique, vibrant portraits and illustrations. As a self-taught artist, much of her learning has been through observing the world around her, which has given her an appreciation of people that translates well onto the digital canvas. With a mild brush with internet fame from a short comic, Après, dealing with the important adult theme of aftercare in the BDSM community, Jess uses her stylized art to bring diversity and individuality to various characters and topics.

Dagmara Gąska


Dagmara is an illustrator and concept artist from the magnificent gothic city of Toruñ, Poland, where she graduated with honors from the Faculty of Fine Arts of The Nicolaus Copernicus University, and where she still lives and works. She worked as a motion graphic designer and art director, but as a fan of fantasy, folk, board games, and most of all drawing, she decided to quit the job and start working as a freelance illustrator. In recent years, she has been creating mostly artwork for books, computer and mobile games, as well as board and card games. With over nine years of professional experience (and a lifetime of drawing), inspired by mythology, Art Nouveau and Eastern art, she creates decorative illustrations and richly detailed designs of characters, beasts, places.