Who We Are

Who We Are

Our Mission

Learn Larp, LLC is an educational consulting and game design company focused on the power of role-playing games as co-created participatory experiences that build empathy, collaboration, problem-solving, critical thinking and awareness. We are founded in the tradition of European larp companies that use larp in basic, secondary and higher education to meet content and soft-skills-related learning objectives, and to help communities deal with complex social, political, and environmental issues.

Learn Larp’s mission is to create high production value live-action role-playing experiences that are safe, fun, empowering, and unforgettable.

We believe in larp’s potential to:

  • broaden perspectives
  • promote critical thinking and problem-solving
  • cultivate empathy
  • invigorate the imagination
  • provide a safe space to create and innovate
  • empower participants to take risks and see consequences of choices
  • create kinesthetic, affective, and cognitive connections
  • foster community-building, collaboration, and teamwork
  • make learning fun and memorable
  • build cultures of empowered individuals working toward a common goal
  • serve as model for powerful pedagogy and
  • change hearts and minds in meaningful ways.

Our vision is to demonstrate larp’s potential to foster personal growth, pedagogical effectiveness, and social change.

We do this by:

  • maintaining an open and inclusive game design and community
  • giving agency to players, allowing them to experience real-time consequences of their actions
  • offering immersive game experiences that encourage collaboration and cooperation vs. a zero-sum win condition
  • incorporating cutting-edge social and cognitive research
  • designing games around complex and thought-provoking social conflicts and ethical dilemmas and encouraging players to safely explore them through role-play
  • creating game mechanics that privilege innovation and value contributions from all participants
  • prioritizing the player’s experience and creating an environment of safety, value and freedom
  • partnering with educational institutions to teach larp design as instructional design
  • collaborating with teachers to create larp learning experiences in classrooms that meet cognitive, kinesthetic and affective learning outcomes
  • working with corporate partners to use role-playing simulations for training, team building, and greater synergy.