Call for Submissions

#Resistance: A Freeform Larp Anthology

Maury Brown, Katherine Hill, & Kat Jones, editors

Inexorable Media, Learn Larp’s publishing arm, is planning a larp anthology for 2018 release. Entitled #Resistance, it will contain short freeform games for 1-15 players. This work will showcase games that deal with the refusal to accept things the way they are: standing up to oppression, opposition and struggle, and the contemplation and discussion of potential actions in the fight to make the world a better place. Modelled in part after the #feminism anthology, we want to create a collection of games that require minimal prep for facilitators and players, and that engage with the diverse meanings of resistance. We are seeking submissions that meet the following guidelines:

  1. An original unpublished freeform larp.
  2. Playable in under 4 hours.
  3. For 1-15 players.
  4. Requires minimal preparation or set-up to play the basic version.
  5. Includes the entire game, with gamemaster’s instructions and all ephemera required to play, presented in a scripted format that is accessible to first-time facilitators and inexperienced players.
  6. We are especially seeking submissions from game designers with diverse experiences with resistance and oppression; designers from varied social locations; and designers from marginalized or underrepresented groups.

All submitted games should use the design template below, including all sections in the following order:

  • Title
  • Keywords
  • Introduction
  • Facilitator’s Information
  • Background Information
  • Scenario Setting
  • Overview of Play
  • Game Structure & Detailed Walkthrough
  • Debrief & Closing
  • Extras (optional, e.g.props, lighting, etc.)
  • Credits

Submissions are due by January 30, 2018, to Entries will be reviewed by the editors and a team of game designers. Those selected for inclusion will grant Learn Larp First North American Serial Rights of publication; after publication, all rights return to the writer. Target publication date: late 2018.

Thanks so much to Misha Bushyager, Lizzie Stark, and Anna Westerling, for letting us use the hashtag format in the title, #Resistance.  If you haven’t checked out that anthology, or played games from within it, we can’t recommend it enough.


Will I be paid for my submission if it is accepted?

Authors of accepted games will be paid a minimum of $50 upon publication as well as two free copies of the anthology.

What rights will I grant if I am accepted for publication?

You’ll grant Inexorable Media one-time, First North American Serial rights, which means that we can publish your work in this anthology and that we will be the first to do so (it hasn’t been formally published elsewhere). You retain all other rights and can do with your work what you wish after it appears in this anthology.

Are co-authored works allowed for submission?

Absolutely! All authors should be credited, and you’ll want a section where you thank your playtesters and others as well.

Does my game need to be in final form when I submit it?

We expect all submissions to be complete, playable, and preferably playtested. Just as you would not submit a very rough draft to an agent, we expect more than just your first ideas on paper. However, it does not have to be completely finalized and polished. There will be time between acceptance and publication for revisions, editing, tweaking, and shining up.

Are works that are available elsewhere allowed for submission (e.g. it’s available on my website for free)?

Yes, an anthology brings together notable works from a variety of sources. You will grant Learn Larp the rights to put the work in the anthology, and we will ask you to modify your download to include information that it appears in the #Resistance anthology, with a link to its site. We may prioritize content that is not available elsewhere in our editorial decisions, however.