New World Magischola

New World MagischolaTM is a four-day live-action role-playing event set in a wizard school in a brand new North American magical universe.

Along with around 150 fellow participants, you will live out your fantasy of being a wizard in a magical school. It’s kind of like being in your own movie, and you are the main character in your own story. You will get the chance to:

  • Join or be sorted into one of the five houses of NWM and play a part in its traditions and rites
  • Attend magical courses in alchemy, magical combat, magical law & jurisprudence, healing & poisons, runic magic, ritual magic, artificery & technomancy, magical creatures, and more!
  • Teach magic school courses by playing a professor.
  • Attend a formal Wizard Ball in your finest regalia.
  • Follow one of the six majors at NWM: Astromancy, Artificery, Cryptozoology, Cursebreaking, Healing, and the Path of the Marshal.
  • Make new friends and form long lasting bonds with fellow wizards.
  • Join extracurricular clubs that match your interests.
  • Explore the buildings and grounds, encountering magical creatures and artifacts that may be helpful or harmful.
  • Engage in discussions, study and socialize, stir up shenanigans, or stay out of trouble.
  • Live onsite with your housemates, eat meals together (lodging and all food is included)
  • Make a difference in the outcome with the decisions you make: how the story ends is up to you!
  • Have a once-in-a-lifetime experience!