Immerton is a 4-day larp for woman-identified participants. We use an inclusive definition of “woman” and “female” and we welcome trans, genderqueer, and non-binary women. We do not hold to a biological concept of gender, and you will play a range of women identities. We will explore the intersections of what makes us uniquely ourselves and how we each share a spark of consciousness that we broadly call “woman.” 

The Premise

You have been called to Immerton, an ancient society of women that exists between space and time. The women gathered here to heal, empower, guide, and initiate those who seek to discover and renew themselves. This year, Immerton itself requires healing and renewal. A strange energetic surge has weakened the Immerton leader, fragmented consciousness, and tethered Immerton to earth. Acolytes from across the diaspora are called together to seek the source and the solution, each one a crucial and divine piece of the mystery. You will play a goddess, a muse, a clan leader, a member of Immerton society, or an initiate, someone coming to Immerton for the first time. 

The world of Immerton is only available to those who find it through a journey of discovery, one often filled with pain and loss. A certain sense of longing seems to open a door, as does an exploration of the body through dance, yoga, martial arts or other physical activity, through artistic expressions such as poetry, sculpture, drawing, and painting, or through quiet communing with nature and deep meditation. Woman-identified persons have been transported to Immerton as early as age 13 and at any age after. Once one goes through the induction ritual at Immerton, you are able to find it again, whenever it is needed, and stay as long as necessary. It’s an ancient order of women who gather in solidarity and continual discovery, a haven for those seeking wisdom, truth, understanding, and sisterhood. Warriors, all, throughout history, the ancient world of Immerton opens to those who seek.