New World Magischola

An unforgettable four-day wizard school experience. Be sorted into a house, follow a path of study, make new friends, and explore the wondrous world of the Magimundi. Attend New World Magischola or Imperial Magischola as a student or a professor!


New World Magischola is an unforgettable 4-day weekend getaway for adults. Players take on the roles of students at a prestigious magical university, and live out an adventure like no other.

With 150 other participants, you’ll inhabit the fantasy of being a wizard at a magical school in the present day. You’ll be sorted into one of NWM’s five houses, and take part in their traditions and rites. You’ll make friends, team up against rivals, cast spells, and battle monsters – or, perhaps, befriend them. You’ll take classes in alchemy, runic magic, technomancy, magical combat, magical law, and more. Or you could be a professor yourself, and pass along your knowledge of magic to the next generation.

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