Safety and Accessibility

Emotional overload

Larps can bring out strong emotions. This is one of the reasons some of us play, but it also means that sometimes emotional overload happens, occasionally something triggers a bad memory or hits home harder than expected. This is perfectly OK and is nothing to be ashamed of or scared of. If you feel you need someone to talk to—whether about light things or serious—please come to the organizers’ room. Your bedroom is always out-of-character space, but we will also have a Sanctuary. You can enter this space at any time.

Out-of-character injuries

If you are injured or if you see anyone else injured (out-of-character) please contact an organizer right away. Some members of our staff are CPR/First-Aid/AED certified and we will have basic first aid supplies. For more serious injuries or illnesses, we will coordinate getting you to the nearest medical facility, in conjunction with the Retreat Center staff.

Opt in, not opt out

Everything in this larp is opt-in. Every interaction at Immerton should be treated as an invitation. You do not have to play out a particular scene or interaction if you do not want to. Please read the section on meta-techniques for ways of signal to other participants when you want to withdraw or change the terms of engagement. We will be workshopping these meta-techniques to ensure that all participants understand them.

Participant & Staff Safety

The larp features a number of meta-techniques to control the intensity of interactions. Participants will remain in control of their own experiences at all times through opting in and the use of the safety and calibration mechanics.

You will have access to the names of all attendees prior to the larp. If you have issues or concerns about anyone attending, please contact our safety coordinator in confidence to discuss your concerns.

Participants who ignore the safety techniques, or fail to follow a de-escalation request, will be removed from the larp. The larp has a number of rules around inclusivity. Participants who ignore these rules or who harass another player will be removed from the larp. All staff members must also comply with the safety techniques and are subject to the Code of Conduct.

Safe Relation / Experience Buddy

We recommend that you build a safe relation with at least one other player prior to the larp. This may be with your assigned Pillar player or someone else. Agree with that person beforehand that no matter what happens, your characters will always look after each other and that they can always come to you for support in-character (and vice versa). This is an out-of-character agreement and should not be broken. Very occasionally this may mean compromising your character a little. If you need help setting this up, let us know.

Sexual Violence

Sexual violence is not a part of the larp and is not a threat while in Immerton. However, players may opt-in to have their character have past trauma from sexual violence and roleplay on that during the event. Players should be aware that sexual violence is unfortunately a common experience for women, and is a playable theme. If you wish to roleplay very dramatic or intense scenes surrounding sexual violence, we suggest that you do so in the Goddess Chamber (Black Box). If you are sensitive to being around these themes, there will be ways for you opt-out of discussions without penalty. It is possible to play without having sexual violence come up, especially if you share that preference with co-players. However, you should know that sexual violence, or the threat of it, is part of a many women’s everyday lives, and, outside of Immerton, may be in their backstory. Under no circumstances should participants threaten to sexually assault others during the event.

Site Safety Rules

The site contains indoor and outdoor spaces, including uneven ground, trails through the desert, a labyrinth, and an outdoor pool. We will be playing indoors and outdoors both during the day and into the night. There will be indoor and outdoor fires as well. We will go over all safety rules on site, and each participant will be asked to sign a waiver. At least one staff member is First Aid/CPR/AED certified and we will have basic first aid supplies available.


We take accessibility seriously and we are working to make this larp is open and available to all woman-identified players. We acknowledge that there are many types of accessibility needs and that everyone is unique. If you have specific needs or requirements or concerns that are not discussed below please contact us.

Physical access

The main indoor play space is Friendship Hall, which is accessible without stairs. The Caravansary, where we will sleep, is adjacent to Friendship Hall. Not all rooms there are wheelchair accessible, but some are, and one can be reserved for you if needed. The spaces where our activities, meals, sleeping, and key plot locations are all accessible. You can view a map of the buildings at the retreat center to see how far the various sites are from each other. We’ll be in The Caravansary and Friendship Hall, and using the Medicine Wheel, Labyrinth, Outdoor Amphitheatre and Pool. There are other trails around the area that will be opt-in for hunting expeditions, etc.

Food and drink

Meals will be served at regular times. If you have specific dietary requirements we will work to meet them. Please make it clear on your player information survey if you have any specific allergies or intolerances so we can ensure that all foods are clearly labelled. Meal times will not be interrupted. There will always be access to food and fresh water. A personal water bottle is recommended.

Electricity, Heating and AC

All rooms have air-conditioning and heating as well as electrical outlets for medical and other devices. We recommend players bring sunscreen and a sunshade (hat, parasol, etc.) for the daytime, and a cloak, sweater, or jacket for the evening.

Printed Material

The larp does involve printed material and forms. We will create large print versions of forms if required; please inform us of this at the time of booking.

Opting in

All events are opt-in, not opt-out. Participants can go out-of-character at any time and without giving a reason. There will be no in-character penalty for not turning up to an event or activity. It is always possible to avoid any form of physical combat or interaction at any time. This option is available to all players.

If participants explicitly wish to make their disability a part of their experience, we will accommodate it, otherwise it is assumed that Immerton society does not discriminate based on disability.

An out-of-character space is available to all players. You are welcome to enter this space at any time for any reason. Your bedroom is an out-of-character space by default, and especially with the door closed. You can nap, rest, or decompress whenever you need to.

Data Security

We will ask participants to disclose any accessibility requirements, as well as other personal information such as address, phone, medical needs, and emergency contact information. This information will be kept safe and not disclosed to any third parties. Only the organizers of the event will have access to this data. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.