Where and when is the larp set?

The setting of the larp is the mystical society of Immerton, a community of women who are unbound from space and time. Immerton exists in-between and can travel across the multiverse. Women come to Immerton from anywhere on Earth, from any time period, and from places beyond Earth.

The time is the present day, 2017. After an energetic event, Immerton becomes tethered to Earth, in the high desert of California, near Joshua Tree.

What can I play?

  • All characters are women. These women may be from any time period originally when they arrived to Immerton, and may be from somewhere else in the multiverse. Woman is used broadly and there will be a variety of identities and styles portrayed. The definition of womanhood is personal to the player.
  • Every participant will be assigned to a Vocation: Keepers, Tenders, Vigilants, Seers, Menders, Warriors, or Shamans.
  • Every participant will be assigned to a Devotion: Creation (Goddess Innara), Fortification (Goddess Rahdira), Destruction (Goddess Ellishara), and Reclamation (Goddess Tohtma).
  • You may play an Initiate (someone coming to Immerton for the first time), a goddess, muse, Vocation leader, or an Immerton citizen from across the diaspora.

What will I do during the experience?

Before the larp begins, we will have scheduled workshops and drama exercises to prepare you before the game. During the larp, there will be activities such as dance, spirit movement (yoga, tai-chi), drumming, painting and crafting, cooking and baking, archery and hunting, all with the purpose of pushing your game. There will also be rituals to participate in, visions to give and receive, and quests to complete as you seek to take your place in Immerton and work to heal it.

How is casting done?

After you have signed up for Immerton, you will receive a casting questionnaire by email. This questionnaire will ask about your preferences for certain roles, themes you want to play and themes you want to avoid.

All players will be cast an archetypal character, with a name, vocation, a devotion, and an incarnation by the organizers, based on the results of your casting questionnaire.

Details of the character, including their personality, backstory, positive and negative traits, can either be written by the participant and sent to the organizers for approval, or the participant can request a character written by the organizers. All characters will have their Pillar, Crowbar, and Admirations written by the organizers.

When do I get my character?

You will receive a casting questionnaire in July and receive your character in August.

What do I need to do before the larp?

Read your character and get a costume. Workshops are part of the experience and will be conducted on location. If you wish to organize relations with people before the larp begins, you are free to do so, but we do not expect it.

When, where and how?

October 5-8, 2017, at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center in California. In English for up to 52 participants. Read more here.

How do I sleep and eat?

Your 3 nights lodging at The Caravansary are provided with your ticket price. You will sleep in twin beds in air-conditioned and heated rooms, 3-4 participants to a room. Food is also included in your ticket price, and you will have three meals a day on Friday and Saturday, as well as dinner Thursday and breakfast on Sunday. Read more here.

What should I wear and bring?

All food and linens are provided for participants, but you may wish to bring some favorite snacks and drinks for between meals. A lantern or flashlight or headlamp is recommended for being outside after dark. A light blanket and a sweater or jacket are recommended for desert cool nights. Participants will create their own costumes for their characters. We will have inspirations for costume design available through drawings and Pinterest boards.

Who are the organizers?

The all-woman Organizer Team is comprised of passionate larp designers, organizers, and scholars from across the United States. The larp is produced by Learn Larp, LLC, who produced New World Magischola and NWM: Yuletide Escapade. Maury Brown is the main writer and head organizer. Read more about the Creative Team here.

How do I sign up?

Sign up opens May 1, 2017 at noon EDT. There are 52 spots available.

What is the price?

A ticket to Immerton costs $650 and is all-inclusive for the 4-day experience. Paying all at once grants you a small discount about of 5% by reducing administrative labor and making our lives easier.

Can I pay some now and the rest later?

Yes, you can. You may choose to pay $650 at once for a 5% discount, or pay in two or three installments for 5% more.

What is larp?

Larp stands for Live Action Role-Play, a type of interactive experience where participants take on the role of a character using costuming, props, and other theatrical techniques. They then immerse themselves for a set period of time in a world, become the main characters, and enact a story together. Larp is sometimes described as being like a movie, but instead of passively watching the action unfold, you are part of it and help influence the outcome.

Can I bring children?

You cannot bring children to Immerton. We want your full focus on the game. (Certain exceptions for nursing mothers may be made on a case-by-case basis).

Can we sign up as a group?

All signups are individual. We will cast you individually. You may request to room with someone specific or to have an in-game relationship with someone you know off-game.