Learn Larp designs and produces high-production value live-action role-playing experiences for individuals, educational institutions, and businesses.

Larp stands for Live Action Role Play, a type of interactive experience where participants take on the role of a character using costuming, props, and other theatrical techniques. They then immerse themselves for a time in a world designed especially for them. Participants become the main characters in a story they write together.

Learn Larp creates a scenario, designs characters, conflicts and relationships, and provides a framework for play. While we set up goals for each scenario, player choices determine what ultimately happens.

We offer larp scenarios that vary from a few hours to several days in length, for groups of participants ranging from 10 to more than 100. These scenarios can be run as written, or customized to fit the unique needs of clients.

Our larps are written in a participatory design that is inclusive and friendly for all players. You do not need gaming experience to play a Learn Larp game. There are no complicated mechanics or hefty rule books that players must memorize in order to play. Learn Larp games are based on improvisational techniques and encourage participants to work together. We provide all that is needed to play, including basic costuming, props, and scene design to create a believable immersive experience.

The power of larp comes not just from the imagination, but from the experience of embodying the role and interacting with other actual people gathered to share and create with you. Because you act out the events with your body, the experience feels uniquely real. It’s incredibly enjoyable, profound, and can change our lives.

Educational Institutions

The Learn Larp team can:

  • Come on site and produce one of our pre-written larp scenarios for students or faculty. These scenarios can be from two hours to several days in length.
  • Customize one of our pre-written scenarios to meet specific learning outcomes and school culture.
  • Design a completely new larp scenario for your institution’s needs, including content, culture, logistics, etc.
  • Train your faculty in how to run larp scenarios for interactive learning.
  • Provide faculty professional development about the benefits of larp scenarios for learning and community building.

Business & Non-Profit Organizations

The Learn Larp team can:

  • Come on site and produce a pre-written larp scenario based on team-building, customer service, logistics, communication, and other business-related topics.
  • Customize a scenario for your management team, new employees, board members, or another specific unit of your business.
  • Create and produce specialized scenarios for risk management and crisis, such as OSHA, EPA, medical emergency, information leak, etc.
  • Train your corporate training facilitators to produce our larps.