Play our Games at Dreamation, Feb 22-25, Morristown, NJ

Members of the Learn Larp team will be at Dreamation Convention February 22-25, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency in Morristown, New Jersey.

You can play the following Learn Larp titles:

  • A Wolf By Any Other Name — our popular “Breakfast Club for Wizards” game, where you play a Magischola student locked in detention on the night of the full moon. Lycan students aren’t allowed at Magischola, so surely there aren’t any werewolves among you? But, hypothetically, what would you do if someone wolfs out at moonrise? For 6-25 players.
  • Public Memory — a new freeform game designed by Maury Brown for 4-7 players that deals with the issue of wrestling with the representation of historical figures and hometown heroes in public spaces when the person has a problematic history. Told in 3 acts, you’ll play a citizen, a city council member, and a member of the media as you wrestle with what to do about a local statue.
  • Revenants Rising — be the very first to test out this new modular larp by Maury Brown where you are a magic school student trying to figure out what to do when a group of dark wizards and their revenant army descend on the school. Some among you are cursed, transfigured, or traitors. Can you create a plan and use your magical specialty to defeat the army when it arrives? For 6-20 players.
  • Search for the Snow Dragon — in this light-hearted disaster scenario written by Mike Young and using his A Grandiose Disaster larp system, you’ll play members of a doomed expedition for the elusive snow dragon. It’s not about *if you die, it’s about *how. And then you get the chance to play NPCs or join the peanut gallery. For 10-14 players.

You can pre-register for Dreamation until February 20, 2018. The schedule of events will be published the week of February 18.