Learn Larp will be at Intercon Feb. 22-25, 2018

If you’re looking for a fun weekend of parlor larps (larps run in a single room, for 4-50 players, usually over a 2-6 hour period), then Intercon larp convention, the perennial offering of the New England Interactive Literature society, may be for you! Held this year February 22-25 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Warwick, RI, Intercon offers four very full days of larping, with a huge variety of games to choose from.

Learn Larp representatives will be at the convention, running the following games:

  • A Wolf By Any Other Name — our popular “Breakfast Club for Wizards” game, where you play a Magischola student locked in detention on the night of the full moon. Lycan students aren’t allowed at Magischola, so surely there aren’t any werewolves among you? But, hypothetically, what would you do if someone wolfs out at moonrise? For 6-25 players.
  • Search for the Snow Dragon — in this light-hearted disaster scenario written by Mike Young and using his A Grandiose Disaster larp system, you’ll play members of a doomed expedition for the elusive snow dragon. It’s not about *if you die, it’s about *how. And then you get the chance to play NPCs or join the peanut gallery. For 10-14 players.
  • NWM: Council of Five — written by Mike Young, this larp for 7 players allows each participant to play one of the members of the Magimundi’s supreme governing body, The Council of Five. You’ll be an arch justice of Solaris, Destiny, Baja, Mishipeshu, or Thunderbird provinces, or a representative of Virginia Isle, which exists outside of the provincial system. You’re gathered to discuss problems at Avernus, the Magimundi’s notorious high-security prison for mages.
  • Immerton: The Initiation — a convention version of our popular destination larp. In Immerton: The Initiation you will use ritual to explore identity, devotion, and sisterhood. The experience includes a rite of passage to devote yourself to your goddess, and also features freeform blackbox play where characters can experience past, present, future, or dream moments, as well as interactions with the various goddesses. Discover yourself in the multiverse.

We’re also hosting a Magischola social event! If you’re a Magischola alumni, or you’re curious about the universe, come hang out with us! It’ll be on the schedule on-site.