2018 Events

01/05/18 – 01/07/18: Wizard World New Orleans

Convention New Orleans, LA

Learn Larp will have an exhibitor booth where you can purchase copies of Wolf, the Compendium of Creatures, cactus cats, and other art and swag.

01/06/18: Mundane Mixology in the Magimundi, 6 pm – midnight

Larp New Orleans, LA

01/11/18 – 01/14/18: Midwinter Gaming Convention

Convention Milwaukee, WI

Ben and Maury are special guests for 2018, and will be hosing a variety of events from larp to tabletop to board and card games.

01/12/18 – 01/18/18 : Arisia

Convention · Boston, MA
Books will be on-site as Exhibitors where you can purchase a copy of the Compendium of North American Cryptids & Magical Creatures, Cactus Cats, and other swag. We will also be running New World Magischola: House Rivalry card game, playtests of NWM Tabletop scenarios, and A Wolf by Any Other Name.

02/22/18 – 02/25/18 : Dreamation

Convention · Morristown, NJ
Learn Larp will be on-site as Exhibitors where you can purchase a copy of the Compendium of North American Cryptids & Magical Creatures, cactus cats, Wolf, and other art and swag. We are also running New World Magischola: House Rivalry, tabletop scenarios for A Vacant Chair and   A Wolf by Any Other Name.

03/15/18 – 03/18/18 : Knutpunkt

Convention · Lund, Sweden

March 2018 : Edgeworld

Larp Austin, TX

04/20/18 – 04/22/18: Beat Generation

Larp · New York City

May 2018: MISTI-Con
Convention · Laconia, NH

May 2018: Kublacon
Convention · San Francisco, CA

TBD: New World Magischola First Semester
Larp · TBD

It’s the start of the school year and a new group of first-year students need to be drafted into their New World Magischola Houses: Calisaylá, Croatan, DuBois, Laveau and Obeah. Everyone has new course schedules and is eager to meet the new faculty and Chancellor, and to see what this year of wizard college entails. This is a full four-day NWM event taught as magical college, with robes, ties, and the house sorting ceremony for first years. The event culminates with the Welcome Ball, where all students and faculty come regaled in their finery and take part in this long-standing tradition. Tickets are available now.

TBD: New World Magischola Second Semester
Larp · TBD

The school year continues! It’s time for the chaos and drama of testing season, as third-years confront their comprehensive exams and first and second years try to survive field exams. Choices and questions loom large as the future arrives. This is the full four-day wizard college experience, with classes, exams, and graduation ceremonies! The weekend culminates in the Finale Formal for all students–one last chance for drama, deals, and romance.

July 2018 : DexCon

Convention · Morristown, NJ
Join Cheyenne and Fox Procenko as they run sessions of New World Magischola House Rivalry card game and A Wolf by Any Other Name larp. Purchase your copy of the Compendium of North American Cryptids & Magical Creatures or other NWM paraphernalia. 

TBD: Magischola Prep Summer Camp
Larp · Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA

Take a week out of your mundane life this summer to attend the magical world of Magischola Prep. This week-long overnight summer camp is designed for kids and teens ages 11-17 who want to experience life as a young wizard! Learn what it would be like to live your own fantasy adventure alongside other students, and encounter a whole new world filled with magic, friendship, and real-world skills.

08/02/18 – 08/05/18: Gen Con
Convention · Indianapolis, IN

TBD: Immerton

Larp · Joshua Tree, CA
 Join Maury and her all-woman team for an immersive fantasy experience by women, for women.

October: Big Bad Con

Convention · Walnut Creek, CA

November 2018: Metatopia

Convention · Morristown, NJ
Ben, Maury, and Books will be on site with Jason Morningstar running playtests of two new tabletop RPGs set in the Magimundi. We’re hoping Mike Young can come with us, and we’ll be playtesting a collaborative storytelling board game about Magnolia Sun as well. We should have another one-shot larp to test by then, too.

12/7/18 – 12/9/18: Yuletide Escapade

Larp · Punderson Manor, OH
The magic returns to this enchanted and enchanting lodge on the lake this year. Magischola students and faculty take a break, enjoy holiday traditions, deal with magical mayhem, and attend the Yule Ball!