New World Magischola

A four-day wizard school experience. Be sorted into a house, follow a path of study, make new friends, and explore the wondrous world of the Magimundi.

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Play out a better fantasy of a Wild West that could've been, with cowboys and vaqueros, doctors and vigilantes, newfound ethics and laws, and the shining ideal of finding hope in building something new.

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Magischola Prep

Ever wanted to take a week out of your mundane life and head off to wizard school? This is your time! Magischola Prep is a week-long summer camp for kids and teens launching in 2017, bringing magic, adventure, friendship, and a whole new world to experience.

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You have been called to Immerton, an ancient society of women that exists between space and time. The women gathered here heal, empower, guide, and initiate those who seek to discover and renew themselves. This year, Immerton itself requires healing and renewal. A strange energetic surge has weakened the Immerton leader, fragmented consciousness, and tethered Immerton to earth.

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Larp is ...


Explore what is possible when you can dream it, become it, and speak it into reality.


Physically and emotionally, we experience a larp as real, which creates connections from the game to our daily lives.


You have the power to change the outcome of this story. What you say and do matters. The hero is you.


Discover secrets, unravel mysteries, make and break relationships, solve problems, vanquish a villain, win the day or die trying. The choice is yours.

Larp is Live Action Role Play.

Upcoming Events

We travel to a lot of conventions and participate in a lot of larps.
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